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Hanging around in Morondava

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Sorry you have not heard from me for a while, not really been much to report apart from My new friend Kate and I drinking too many rum punches and falling out of a taxi. We have also found the most incredible beach. Sat in the restaurant eating half a dozen crabs then wandered off to this huge palm fringed white sand beach with not a soul on it.
Days are spent either on the beach, generally lounging around and evenings in the bar with more and more frequent jamming sessions. The injured guard is recovering and the wayward waitress has returned. Jean never getting enough sleep so have started helping out with the shopping in the morning.

So anyway, after we had our long chat at the bar last night, being serenaded (unintentially) by one of the local musicians, I headed off to bed while he locked up.
Next thing I know, he barges in, lights ablazing 'you have to get up and come with me' huh?
'My brothers wifes brother is died' Holy shit, so 2am we are scouring the dark streets for a taxi, musician in tow. Luckily a local came past in his pick up and gave us a lift. We attend his brothers house and there on the bed is the died chap. I am warmly greeted as I try to contain a fit of the giggles,and shown to a chair. The body is then covered up to the neck in a crisp white cotton tablecloth with pretty embroidered lemurs on it (?). The head is wrapped as though he died of toothache.Then the women and children enter, wailing and crying. 10 mins of this and it almost like ' oh bored with this, lets have a cup of tea' and they all just sit round chatting. Someone else enters so they all have a good wail again then resume their chatting.
By now it is 0430, I think I may have dropped off, I know Jean did! So I am taken to a room and put to bed with three children. At 0720, Jean wakes me. 'You have to take the keys to the hotel'. Huh? I am bundled off with his sister in law, and we go off in search of a taxi. Much frivolity and chatting with the other occupants!?? We arrive and a member of staff is there waiting for me. Sister has a laugh and joke with the staff then leaves.
I find the cook and tell him we may have to shop... but dont know. Try to get hold of Jean but phone off. Kate arrives, we are supposed to be going with the french guy to a fab beach south of here. She is loaded up with bananas and cakes. I have one cake and immediately back on the loo again. Franck the frog oversleeps, I am not sure if I should go or stay. Decide to remain near a loo so Kate goes off on her own. Cooks turns up at 1030. We have no oil, no vineger and no onions. Fuck, phone Jean, get him this time and pass him to Simone the cook. He hangs up, 'we go shopping'. I am given a list to which I have to add the prices and off we trot with the wicker shopping basket.
Suprised that everyone in the market addressing me in Malagasy rather than the usual french. We get all we need after me protesting loudly at having to pay £1.50 for 1.5l olive oil and a bottle of vinegar. A big pile of fish was only 30p.
We get back and I am introduced to the kitchen. Immediately realise why I have been sick! The fridge has no door on it and, I doubt, a plug. Chickens are hiding behind the freezer pretending to be off the menu, a collection of flies are having a feeding frenzy on the table and a gecko is asleep in the veg basket. One of the staff has burnt his arm, so I dig out my medical kit. Another chap has made up a song about the possibility of Anglo/Malagasy children running around called Jean and is singing loudly while smoking a joint. I try to get changed and the maid is trying to clean my room and give me a massage at the same time. A pig is squeeling somewhere behind us. Decide I need to go to the beach for some peace and quiet. Get as far as the end of the road, loud honking..not unusual.. urgent honking, I turn around and Jean has returned in a taxi with several other chaps and is clutching a large bunch of spring onions as though they were flowers. I tell him I got the shopping. 'Did you get beers?' Huh? No one mentioned beers! Its ok he says but has to leave again. Should I stay? No, its ok. So I go. I spend an hour on the beach and guilt sets in. He will now be running round like a blue arsed fly and I am wallowing in white sand. So I come back. All is calm. A girl has arrived carrying a duck. Mental note to stick to prawns as I never get to meet them. Jean returns and is complaining about something, so I make a quick exit and come to the internet. I know that later he will be big smiles and will thank me. He always does.
So, what did you do today?
Oh God I love this country!

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